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About Kozea community

We build open source software that you will love.

After years and years of extremely intense research (and endless nights drinking in pubs with friends), we've found the three most important rules of free software development:
  1. have good ideas
  2. forget limits
  3. build step by step
Having good ideas is hard, that's why we chose to rely on your ideas (they're much better than ours, aren't they?). Our job is now to blindly follow the two other rules, and we think that we're doing that quite well according to what we got so far:

  • an amazing document factory called WeasyPrint (3.3k★)
  • a smart (and a bit naughty) chart drawer called Pygal (2.1k★)
  • a mini-tiny calendar and contact manager called Radicale (1.7k★)
  • an improbable web debugger called wdb (1.4k★)
  • and many more

We want you to really love these cute pieces of code. Love them even more. There's one problem:

We currently live only 24 hours a day.

That's not enough to achieve all the good ideas you have (and all the bugs you find, let's be honest). Unfortunately, there's no way to make our days last more than 24 hours. Unless…

Remember rule #2?

Here comes your superpower: you can make our days last more than 24 hours. Wow.

25 hours? 36 hours? More? Each second added will be spent on making our open source projects great again. Giving a little bit of money is a way to give these projects a little bit more time. Your participation will help every software user, just as everybody's participation will help you too.

What do we currently do from this extra time?

Our posts tell, week after week, what we are working on. Our bigger patrons ($100+) can also ask for issues to be closed in priority. Here is the current list of priority issues given by our amazing sponsors:

$20.50 of $150 per month
The 25th hour. We'll send everyone a big THANK YOU.
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