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Occasionally read the comic with adblocker or RSS?  Never worry, here's the tier to support it (or my art) - you have my eternal thanks!
Exclusive Concept Art/Dev Blog
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Access to the private behind-the-scenes blog! With a minimum of five juicy posts a month on character design, worldbuilding, art tips, and Seekret Silliness™, here's a chance to get the inside scoop!
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Get a waist-up fully colored cellshade drawing of any character you choose!  

  • Plus access to the private behind-the-scenes blog!
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1 hour of undivided personal chat time to go through your works page by page & custom industry advice!  As a full time designer, published comicker, and art school grad, you'll get customized advice to wow your next interview or submission contest.  (Or, you know, if you just wanted some digital coffee together.)
  • Plus access to the behind-the-scenes blog!