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Now that you are here let us begin.

KRASAVA is a partnership, but also a project. Our biggest project. The one that will hold all the pieces together. We wish to write a long and descriptive paragraph about who are we, however, we in fact in the very beginning of a lifelong journey. Krasava was created to express a view of how visual content can influence the perceived. To lift the bar on what should be expected from the digital world of the future. 

Every journey starts from somewhere and ours begins with Ray. A resource of weekly articles solely dedicated to the human vision. As for those who prefer something more dynamic, we are also present on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store with four upcoming projects for this year. Three story-driven 2D platformers and classic tower defense with an unexpected art style. Both categories will offer immersive visual and musical quality. Headphones recommended. 

Now to get a bit more in detail about our currently released and planned projects. 


What is Ray?

Facts and thoughts about colors in science, environment and art, with the mission to portray human vision in an era of digital misinformation. The project gathers handcrafted articles about colors, self-development and visual culture in one dedicated place. Completely free and ad free forever. Ray is a unique network of topics that examines the nature of colors from three distinct points of view. 
Conveniently split into three volumes.


The first volume observes colors from a scientific perspective. It offers an in-depth look at what we see with our eyes, and the nature behind it. It is a collection of discoveries and principles in physics that shaped our understanding of light.


What we see each day deeply affects our personal lives. The second volume represents a stepping stone towards empowerment of your mentality through the fundamentals of psychology. To question the uncertain and evolve.


Admiring art is not only an emotional, but an intellectual experience as well. For those who like to intrigue their eyes, the third volume is an interdisciplinary exhibition of truly influential visual content. These real cases are for you to better understand how powerful colors truly are.

Reading does take time.
For the busy we offer informative and visually stunning content channels to make your feed meaningful.

abofcolors - Pinterest
krasava-devs - Tumblr

Mobile Games: 

You can't land - Arcade

The year is 2077. Humans have been blinded by their obsession to expand into space. Despite all warnings from the past, countless unsupervised space missions have polluted the Earth’s atmosphere to a point of no return. An old data drive holding valuable information must be transported from the remains of the International Space Station back to the surface if humans are to keep open their doorway to space. You take the role of an emergency response astronaut who will attempt to remotely land the valuable shuttle back to Earth.

Project "Shapeless" - Platformer
Project "Ugly" - Tower Defence
Project "Eve" - Horror/Thriller/Story/Platformer

Our goal is to continuously improve the quality of what we offer to achieve the vision we stand for.

What is your part in all this? Well, most simply put, if you like what we do and you want us to continue, become a Patron of KRASAVA. 

We will often update this page to reflect updates from our latest projects and think of a proper reward system in the meantime. The first one planned is to offer our paid games for free to our supporters.

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