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Hello! My name is Kristin Jacques. My brand of writing consists of mashing genres together until the magic happens. My books blend a variety of genres together into lovely weird adventures with strong spunky ladies, murderous lads who are secretly cinnamon rolls, and sympathetic monsters.

I am the author of Zombies vs Aliens, a horror comedy apocalyptic romp that is also a virtual interactive game through the free Chapters App, the upcoming contemporary mythological mashup Ragnarok Unwound from Sky Forest Press (01/08/19), and the dark fantasy Marrow Charm, from Parliament House Press (Fall 2019)

As I do a lot of genre experimentation, you can often find me in the 'laboratory' on Wattpad as Krazydiamond. Wattpad is a free platform for writers and readers. It is a fine place to see what works and what doesn't, and my quirky style has done well there. It is a free backstage pass to my work 24/7.

I am a wife, and a mother of two beautiful boys on the spectrum. Every day is challenging, every day is rewarding. 

First, thank you for your contribution and joining my creative community.
The monthly goal is set to represent roughly the income I would receive working part time, on top of writing and being a mum. (Skills to pay the bills, and write gloriously, epic tales.) Right now, our bills and living expenses eat up a little more income than we bring in. Our living situation makes it incredibly difficult to maintain a steady secondary income.  
Eventually, this financial goal may change depending on the success and prospects of other projects but for now its purpose is 'living wage'.

On Wattpad I have three to four major projects going at all times, and several experimental stories/ side projects. 
The current big projects I am working on are:
1. Impression of Teeth

In 1850's America, Vampire hunter Johnathan Newman is sent to Cress Haven, an isolated lumber town in Maine, to investigate reports of a vampire concealing itself within the populace. But the vampire is unlike anything Johnathan has encountered before.
More alarming are the disappearances of the town's young debutantes, daughters of the wealthy merchants and businessmen, who later turn up dismembered and....partially eaten. The vampire, in turn, enlists the aid of Johnathan to stop whatever malevolent creature is munching on the locals.
The unlikely partnership between Hunter and Vampire might be the only thing that can.

2. Stitch Girls

They called them the Patchwork Men.
Loyal flesh golems, pieced together from the fallen soldiers on the battlefield. Fuel for the endless war between the Ottoman Republic and the savages of the Byzantine Empire. It is the alchemists who bring them to life, with secret etchings and chemicals, but it is the Stitch Girls who create them.
Needle and thread to make a new man out of many.
When the draft called for Lillian's husband, he vowed to send her a letter from the front every day. The last one arrived two years ago, along with a silver badge of service. She was one of the lucky ones, at least she knew what happened to her beloved. As a Stitch Girl, she has a secret purpose, recording little details: tattoos, birthmarks, scars.
There are many who never hear from their men again. Too many.
She sews up the Patchwork Men, more flesh for the front, etching the symbols to wipe them clean until one night, she messes up.
What to do with a Patchwork Man who is not so loyal to the Republic?

3. Edgewise Novellas
Beginning with A Touch of Chaos, Lady Agatha's story. 

The Lofty
1. To finish Impression of Teeth by April 15th 2019 to query.
2. To begin posting Edgewise Novellas by June 2019.
The Feasible:
To continue to produce fun and fantastical stories and adventures.
To post one to two chapters of work a week (pending outside deadlines)
Follow my other work and writing goals on my website  where I blog and post my full catalog of available work.

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    This covers our internet bill and our lone subscription for Netflix. No cable. Netflix and Youtube are mom’s virtual break time. The 5 yr old loves Pixar, 80’s horror movies, and watching other people play video games. The 9 yr old loves computer games. Internet is essential for what I do (Posting, promotion, research, and sweet, sweet writing tunes.)
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 23 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 23 exclusive posts

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