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About Kreativ Font


My name is Andrei and I started Kreativ Font in September 2012 mainly to learn more on typography, create fonts and also to learn the latest web technologies used on web. Over the years, we have created fonts and we've presented many commercial and free fonts on the website.

From the first day we decided we don't want to use Ads on the website. Ads are annoying and hurt the user experience.

With Patreon anyone can help us to create more fonts and keep the ads out of the website. 

Here's what you will get as by helping Kreativ Font?

1. Download all the fonts we have created and will create

2. Download any other design element we create
(graphics, photos, audio)

3. You will help us keep Kreativ Font WITHOUT ads forever

That's really it. With those pieces covered, Kreativ Font can keep going forever.

Thank you for any support you can offer!

Kreativ Font team - Andrei, Iulia and Andra

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