Kreezxil is creating Mods and ModPacks for Minecraft

I can barely help, hopefully this helps.

$1 /mo
Because candy or cigarrettes are more important, this is all you can spare. 

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$5 /mo
Here's enough for you to buy a plate full of cookies each month! 

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Big Burger Baron

$10 /mo
This title makes no sense, but here's enough to buy a burger deal from a restaurant for which Mel Tillis did advertise. 

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Servers! You have them!

$25 /mo
Thank you so much for hosting your own packs! I sincerely hope that you will increase the ram and cpu power of the pack I play on so that more people can play or that I can have a chunk loader. 

Truly Dedicated

$50 /mo
I understand that hosting packs, developing packs and mods, managing people, admin and more is daunting task and would like to help you get a Dedicated monster to make a lot of that easier to do.  ...