Kristen McNamara

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Hello there :)

I am so grateful you stopped by!! After being on a handful of TV Shows, I got burnt out while swirling around in the "business" and felt it was time to create from an island. It's tricky, especially during times like these. I am so grateful for my island, I want to share it with the world and show you everything. The dolphins, the coconuts, the beauty everywhere. I am just now launching my new Vlog series "Once Upon An Island" in hopes to help share my stories of living on an island. I left the big cities to chase my dreams of being more creative from a place that charged me back up! I found this tiny little tropical piece of paradise about 10 years ago, and chose to make it home. My little dog, "Truffles" is with me all the time and is my very best friend.

I love animals, I love the outdoors and I love creating music, art and magic. I grew up in the mountains of Northern California and now call an island that is 2x4 miles small and just 90 miles from Cuba, home. My hometown in California burned in the recent California wildfires, my parents were able to get out safely. Our horses are safe as well, only part of our ranch burned. I will be heading home to document that as well, really looking forward to capturing the regrowth. I hope you will join me, this is new for me. I create and tell storing through singing, painting, photography, impersonations, crafting and much more. I just want to spread more love and remind everyone that being creative is sometimes lonely, until you find your tribe. That's where you play the biggest part of all. Thank you so so much. I look forward to growing with you! 

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