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🎉 The same perks as the Cardigan membership (which are awesome!)

About Kristen TenDyke Designs

Why would you join my Patreon?

Let's jump right in. Why would you want to join this patreon, over (or along with) many of the others?

Here are some things that I hope you gain from my posts, videos, etc…
Inspiration - Passion about fiber arts is contagious—but in a GOOD way! Here, you can witness the birth of a new design, watch it through submission, production and on to publication. I make exclusive posts at least weekly—sometimes more often—about what I'm up to as a designer, and what goes on behind-the-scenes and details of my private works-in-progress. Maybe something I share sparks a little creativity, or inspires you to cast on or chain something that feels great to you.

Education - In the 15+ years that I've been a freelance knit & crochet designer I've gathered a wealth of information about the subject. In my weekly video designing updates—available to Shawl level and higher—I often share about my designing process, sketching, my studio, etc… Cardigan level patrons have access to posts detailing some aspects of my design life, such as an occasional monthly designing calendar, how I organize simultaneous designs, etc… As this Patreon community grows I'm planning on adding video tutorials to the Mitt level.

Community - Right now, this community is small, but gradually expanding. I appreciate the opportunity to connect with you, as someone who appreciates the craft and art of creating with fiber. And as this community grows, I want to create more with and for you. I'm often asking the opinion of my Patrons. I'm seeking to use my creative talent to create what you want. This is the place where we gather together to do more of that.

OK, so who is Kristen TenDyke?

Hi. ::waves:: That's me.
I knit, crochet and love to design and publish patterns. I have a BFA in graphic design. I live in a rural part of Maine with my 2 young sons, my partner and our 2 cats. Our home is surrounded by the forest—no neighbors in sight. I prefer the isolation, and think trees make great neighbors. I do my best to live in harmony with nature, and I bring that ethic into my knit and crochet design by making yarn choices that help sustain the Earth, whenever possible.

I'm a work-at-home mom, and I'm always looking for ways to let my kids help out and learn more about what I do—in fiber arts, homesteading, etc… I enjoy designing classic, timeless sweaters with unique construction. I specialize in seamless knitting and am always experimenting with different ways of constructing seamless sweaters.

I've written a few books: Finish Free Knits, Knitting Maine and No-Sew Knits, and would love to write more! I have over 333 knit or crochet patterns published. You can see them on Ravelry, and my website.

Why am I on Patreon?

My life as a freelance designer is constantly evolving—contracting and expanding. As my kids are growing I'm feeling a surge of expansion and want to do a lot more than I'm financially capable of doing.

For the majority of my income, I'm currently relying heavily on the one-time fees paid by commissioned designs from yarn companies and magazines, with a smaller dependence on various royalties, and pattern sales from my website. The demand of producing the commissioned sweaters limits how I can spend my time in other ways. And, there are oh-so-many other ways I could be spending my time to produce more patterns for you.

With the help of Patreon Support, I can do things like:
Hire Sample Knitters & Crocheters - which will increase my productivity incredibly! I can continue producing the commissioned magazine and yarn company patterns, while freeing up my time to focus on...

Focus on Self-Publishing - which gives me so much more content to share about—such as pattern testing, graphics, photography, etc... basically the publishing process itself. Plus I'm able to give self-published patterns away at a discount or free whenever I choose—which means more giveaways, sales, etc...
More YouTube Videos - Such as Tutorials!!! I'm working on figuring out the logistics of when, how and where to bring creating video tutorials into my life, and yours. More time for me, would mean more of this for you!
Handspun and Handdyed yarn - I want to give you guys yarn that I make!

These are just a few of the things I'm not currently doing, that I WILL do, as soon as my work-load lightens up with the help of Patreon Supporters! When many fiber artists pledge a small amount each month toward these goals, eventually it'll all add up, and as time goes on I'll be able to add more to what I can offer you.

Check out my Goals (below), to see how we're doing! And keep reading to learn how you can help!

How it works:

Once you select a monthly pledge you'll gain access to all the locked posts for the membership tier you've selected. You may view the archived posts, and you'll be emailed each time I make a new post that you can read or watch.

Pledges are withdrawn from your PayPal account on the first of each month. So, when you pledge, you get a free preview of the locked content until the first of the following month. Please give it a try, take a look at my posts. I'm happy you're here! Once your first pledge is made I'll email you a link to download the free pattern promised in your membership tier.

Also, here is a public poll. Please leave your input about what kind of content you would like to see me share here. And thanks for reading! I look forward to reading your comments in my upcoming posts!

Happy stitching!
~Kristen :)
55% complete
Free Pattern for Patrons!
When I reach this goal, I'll email all supporters a coupon code for a free pattern of their choice on Ravelry! Please share my patreon page with your friends and encourage them to join.
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