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This is what my dolls look like!




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Subversive, Fun, Feminist Stuff by Kristina Wong

My aesthetic is quirky, crafty, and subversively playful. I make the social commentary that nobody realizes they are swallowing. My most complex work are the theater shows I execute for 85 minutes for live theater audiences. My short videos and clickbait essays online are the “fluff” that helps my audiences find me.

Here’s the Deal: For the last 15 years I’ve managed to string a surprisingly successful career together as a live touring performance artist, writer and alt comedian. It has been as grueling as it’s been enthralling.

I have come close to quitting so many times. But I didn’t because I’m a cockroach.

What has saved my ability to make a living in the seemingly archaic field of live art is the same behemoth that challenges it-- the internet. I’ve put out web videos and essays in the last few years that have increased the visibility of my message and have grown the demand for my theater shows. While I’ve made some money in the TV and Film world, the bulk of my income still comes from touring live theater work and guest speaking at venues around the country. That money I’ve saved up has been reinvested in the making of videos, essays, and online shenanigans that most of my global followers know me by.

While I’ll always make theater, I’m now trying to flip my financing equation and make enough video and film work to underwrite my ability to do theater-- not the other way around.

I’ve done most of my videos by calling in a lot of favors from my friends in the industry who have graciously worked for next to nothing or completely free. I’ve turned my home inside out for shoots, I have sewed sets and props with my bare hands. I have shaken down friends and all available connects to shoot at locations for free or cheap. This is getting more and more difficult to work on this goodwill because artists (just like everyone else) need to make ends meet.

I want to make creative work until I drop dead, but unfortunately, it’s running on empty that will kill me first. This is where you come in!

This year I have a goal of releasing 12-20 well-produced web videos, podcasts, and online shenanigans with awesome content. This means, at least one web series (Six Episodes) and a few fun bonus videos on the side, along with other internet subversions. I’ve already shot six episodes of a web series that will be released soon...

I’m interested in making the stuff you aren’t seeing on television yet-- humor that highlights marginalized voices, that takes a nod to my kooky weirdo performance art roots, and blows your brains out with laughter.

Your patronage will NOT go in my pocket,
it will go towards covering production expenses-- equipment and studio rentals, editors, camera people, producers, and other super talented people who have been working for peanuts to see my vision through. Being able to pay people (even at their bottom line “friend rate”) ensures that projects will be churned out quickly and at the quality I want. The bottom line cash cost to produce my past short films has been approximately $500-$2500 to cover editors, camera people, make-up artists, craft services, parking and rentals. Everything else has been subsidized by the sweat equity of my amazing friends.

Taking a cue from my previous track record with arts grants, I’m using the “earned income” model of investing Patreon money. So rather than use your money to pay my bills, I’ll use your money to make videos and will pay myself if the videos get licensed or screened, or lead to paid work.

If you give nothing or something, everything I make online will always be available for anybody for free!

Questions/ Answers

Can I just give you a ONE TIME contribution outside this site?

Yes! I have set up this link for such a purpose.

So I’m pledging you X amount per thing, what if you make so many things and it breaks my bank?

You can set a monthly cap when you pledge, so that you never spend more than whatever amount you set per month. In all, I intend at maximum to release 20 videos per year, and a minimum of 12.

You say you aren’t going to pay yourself with any Patreon money. How are YOU going to pay your bills because “exposure” doesn’t pay the bills!

Thanks for thinking of me and my survival! Ideally, the web stuff will do so well that the demand for my touring and speaking engagements will increase, and that is how I will pay my bills because it’s already sorta how I’ve paid the bills! So as long as I have a happy healthy Patreon

What if you get so much in Patreon Pledges that you have no choice but to pay yourself?

Yes, there are Patreon all-stars like Amanda Palmer that I dream of emulating ($30K pledged per thing she makes!), but in the event that this does so well we have an excess of money after paying for production, we will roll over the money to support larger projects in the hopper like a concert film recording of my current show “The Wong Street Journal” and costs to archive my performance work for a new generation of web viewers.

Why not just make money doing Film and TV instead of live engagements?

That would seem logical wouldn’t it? I made several attempts in my live theater career to quit altogether and make all that money in film/TV... it’s not as easy a transition as it seems. And that film and TV money is a lot trickier than you think. I love live theater, but I also know that I cannot do live shows at this pace for the next ten years. And your support in this endeavor is part of my career transition.

You know I’m a fan but if I don’t give you anything, will we still be friends?
Of course! I feel pretty weird about this “asking people to be my patron” shit myself which is why I’ve already decided that none of your money is going into my pocket. I have many artist friends and friends with families that are already stretched past their means. But getting your love on social media is always appreciated.
$56 of $500 per
I can hire an editor at “friend rate”, make sure everyone on set gets fed, and pay for parking for my cast and crew.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 20 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 20 exclusive posts

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