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  • You'll have early access to all our YouTube content, meaning you'll get it while it's still set to private.
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  • You are really spoiling us. Five bucks deserves something special. I shall burn your names into my neighbors gardens so brightly that cameras will melt in their presence (so don't ask for proof please). 
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Team Fortress 2 has been providing hat obsessed enthusiasts with a source of entertainment since Autumn 2007. KritzKast, on the other hand is a relative spring chicken at a mere 9+ years old. Well, maybe more the age of an old hen, that teaches advanced mathematics in the University of Eggsville, New Eggington. And you know what they say about teaching old hens vs. Spring chicks? That’s right; they say nothing about them! It’s just not a topic that normally comes up.

On a complete tangent KritzKast has branched out. We still provide the same quality weekly update on all things TF2 in our award winning** podcast. Now though we’re also providing coverage of Highlander matches from the likes of UGC and ETF2L.

All these things take time, effort and money. Which is where we’re hoping you guys will want to pitch in (with the money. Time and effort aren’t considered viable payment methods, according to my landlord). I'd like to say we've lined up some wondrous treats but the truth is, they're mostly of the warm fuzzies variety. Although cracking a few eggs gets you some serious shout out / ownage of the show.

What are we going to do with your donations? Not pay our rent. Instead we'll feed it back into the TF2 community, paying content creators for their hard work.
People like:
  • casters / observers / guest hosts
  • art asset creators
  • animators
  • voice artists
We also need to update the website, up our production game, put on competitions and keep doing our bit to make the TF2 community better than we found it. 

*the images used here were created for us by RoR and Pix Tron for our "offline" competition in association with TeamSource.TF
*award(s) may exist only in Agro’s headcanon.
$52 of $75 per month
So, everyone asks where they can get the back catalog of shows from, and honestly you can download them all from the main site. But it's not really all that convenient. Instead, at the $75/month mark I'll start uploading all 440+ shows to Soundcloud where you can stream them all - back to back if you like. That's over 3 weeks of your life you'll not be getting back. 
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