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About Krisjanis Rijnieks

Hello! I am building ofxPiMapper: an open source projection mapping tool that runs also on the Raspberry Pi. I have been doing things with digital interactive media since Macromedia Flash 4 was released in 1999. I have studied painting and new media, done illustration, graphic design, vjing, web design and coding. After discovering openFrameworks and projection mapping, I started to build my own minimal open source tool for projection mapping to be run on the Raspberry Pi minicomputer. You can get it on GitHub or you can download an image file from ofxPiMapper website.

ofxPiMapper on GitHub
ofxPiMapper Website

As more people are using it for their projects, I feel the need to improve the software along with the latest hardware and projection mapping trends. I tried to run workshops to support the development of the tool, but that takes away the energy that would be useful for the actual development. This is why I am here and am looking for users who would support my development efforts.

Consider this, if you are already using ofxPiMapper for your commercial projects. With 50 a month you would support circa 2h of development which is enough for a simple feature, a few bugfixes or improvement of the documentation. Let's build the best minimal open source projection mapping tool together!
$0 of $100 per month
This would let me focus on the development of ofxPiMapper for two days every month. It would also prove that Patreon works!
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