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Every little bit truly matters, and for four quarters, you'll be entered into a monthly drawing for a hand written letter and a polaroid. 

I must specify, that while the polaroid will be of me, nothing I do is NSFW in nature - so I don't want anyone pledging under false pretenses! They will be themed and fun though, I can assure you.
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For this tier, you'll have complete access to my Patron feed where i'll be exclusively blogging, posting photos, vlogs and keeping everyone abreast of my adventures and tribulations in New York City. I wont be posting any of this elsewhere. I'll be interactive with you all, and hope to open up some positive discussions on everything from Gaming to Mental Health issues. I hope for this to be a friendly forum.

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For this tier, you will receive a hand written letter every month! Each months letters will be a different theme, so it wont be more of the same every month. Im prone to doodling, so you can look forward to little drawings as well. Let's be pen pals!

You will also have access to the interactive Patron feed.




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About Krysti Pryde

If you're here, you likely know me or follow me online. Recently I made the huge and probably questionable decision to move to New York City. Just me, a suitcase and a backpack.This was a very last minute and monumental life decision, but one that had to be made. I was living in my home town and had gone through a rough patch and found myself in yet another depressive episode I couldn't shake. I had toyed with the idea of moving to New York to chase a cornucopia of dreams and opportunity but would always psyche myself out of pulling the proverbial trigger. I laid in bed one night at 2am, browsing airline tickets for fun - as I often times did - and had a surge of confidence that was borderline concussive and bought a one way ticket to NYC for 5 days later. I told nobody I was leaving; and I was gone. Life begins out of your comfort zone.

So here I am, in NYC trying to put it all together. I already feel transformed by being here, and have made fast friends with many wonderful people. Now, I'm working two jobs to simply exist, leaving me little time to accomplish what I set out here for.

What I've Done:

  • Host, Panelist, Celebrity Interviewer and Emcee for various comic-cons including but not limited to: PAX Prime, E3, PAX East, SDCC, FSC, Animate! Miami, MCCC, GenCon, IPL, ZombieWalk, etc.
  • Finalist on Sony Playstation's The Tester 3
  • Ex Competitive Gamer
  • Frag Doll Cadette
  • Casual Twitch Caster
  • Published "Gaming Journalist" on various sites
  • Charity Streamer for <3
  • Volunteer for Women in Games International

What I Want To Do:

  • Stream Full Time
  • Start a weekly Podcast on Sub-Cultures with a focus on inclusiveness within these communities (gaming, music, anime, cosplay, etc)
  • More charity work
  • Finish my book on gaming; personal experiences, stories, how it's helped with mental illness, it's evolution into mainstream, etc. It's only 5 years in the making. 
  • Vlog my experiences (the good, the bad, the ugly) on a week to week basis on what it's like to move to a huge city with no plan, and the subsequent joys and fallout.
  • Do more work regarding speaking on the games community, and work to create a more positive and inclusive gaming community. This is so important to me. While this community can often times be toxic and/or intimidating, I want to promote positivity, inclusivity and well-being. 

What Does Your Pledge Do?

By pledging, you're giving me the gift of time. It's survival of the fittest here in NYC, but the opportunity and friendship it provides is unparalleled; and i'm no stranger to hard work, and still prefer to work a night job to stay afloat. By not having to work a second job you will be gifting me the time and resources to write, record, stream and subsequently interact and work with you. I'd like any willing Patron to be a part of any of my projects, whether it be my streams, contributing to my book or guesting on my podcast. While this is a lot of work, I do not consider it a job.

Cheers to you all!

$0 of $1,000 per month
This goal would afford me the luxury to acquire appropriate equipment and quit my second job and stream, record podcasts, work on my book and vlog full time! As I near my goal I will add additional perks to the various tiers. An absolute dream.

Team work makes the dream work!
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 10 exclusive posts
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