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is creating a better world for women and girls.
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About Krystle Baller

"I've noticed a curious thing.  When you give a women a microphone...  she's afraid to be the most powerful voice in the room.  This fear stems from girls being conditioned to silence their voices and when you silence your voice, you silence your power.  By the time girls become women, it's engrained into who we are.  As a music teacher, I've noticed that when teens perform together, boys will confidently mess up and get louder, while girls will quietly mess up and often become completely silent.  We live in a world that teaches girls to be perfect, not powerful.  I've learned that when you create space for girls of 8 or women of 48 to confidently turn up the volume on their instruments, they'll find power in ALL aspects of their lives."

-Krystle Baller, TEDx Charlotte 2018

I'm here to teach people that their voice matters.  Women, non-binary folks and children need to shake the conditioning and speak up!  I use music as a medium to get humans embrace their power by introducing therapeutic and sacred practices while I teach music.

The ways I do this are:

Lady Rockstars
LR is an online and in-person class where women learn to play music and find their power.  In the physical class I put women in bands and they play an open mic after 4 weeks of band practice and team building activities.

Girls Rock Charlotte
I am also the Music Director for a 501c3 nonprofit organization called Girls Rock Charlotte. We do summer camps for youth ages 8-16 where they learn an instrument, form a band, write a song and then perform at a concert together.  Along the way they learn about social justice work and how to use their voice to help themselves and others.  We also do year round programming with our Amplify workshops and my big focus is coaching the Girls Rock House Band all year to play festivals and concerts and represent GRC.  

A music class for kids ages 0-6 where I play kid-friendly covers of rock, punk, and alternative songs and the kiddos help me by playing instruments, kazoos, and getting some sweet temporary tattoos.  This class is special because I'm giving families a fun and engaging music experience and young children are seeing a women on guitar, bass, drums, keys, singing etc.  This normalizes a woman on a stereotypically masculine instruments and with each child I am helping break down gender stereotypes.  

Secret Sound Society
Programming for teens (all genders) that gets them to work together and create space for each other.  Teens learn a cover and perform it at the end of the month.  Before practice they spend time volunteering in my Music Lab.  I'm giving them work experience and responsibility and they learn teamwork at band practice.

I offer all kinds of workshops at my space, Pachyderm Music Lab, as well.  I bring in local artists and musicians to teach group things.  We've done stuff like: Vibrational Healing, DIY Blankets, Watercolor Painting, Sound Engineering 101, DIY Pedal Boards, Self Portraits as Self Care, Rock History, Writing Workshops, Coping with Grief, Essential Oil Alchemy.  Pretty much if I'm interested in it or someone approaches me with a compelling idea, we'll try it.  I plan on bringing some of these activities into an online workshop course platform.  

I'm a woman on a mission!
My heart is big and I will extend help to those who need it.  Many of these programs are on a sliding scale or I get people into the programs by providing scholarships.  I will bring as many people into my space as possible and share my abundance with those around me.  I am paying the bills teaching private lessons right now, but honestly I can only handle about 5 more students before my time is too consumed.  Ideally I would like to only have a handful of students so I can focus on the bigger work I do teaching women and children how to use their voice.  I gave a TEDx Talk about my story and my cause in 2018.  I hope you will watch the video (I'll link it as soon as it is released).  I am being called to help billions of people be inspired and speak their truth.  This is so much bigger than me.  I'm here to help the world shift into a more inclusive space for women and non-binary folks.

Also, I am so fulfilled by the work I do with Girls Rock Charlotte.  I would like to dedicate even more time to that cause, but it doesn't pay the bills.  Some of my long-term goals are bringing programming like that to my home town in West Virginia and I also want to create physical Lady Rockstars classes in cities around the world.  If you sponsor me I will be able to spend more time in the community helping and in return I promise to give you meaningful content.  Thank you so much for reading.  I value you and welcome your support!!!

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