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is creating KRZ, an LGBT webcomic series, plus original art & pinup art NSFW
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About Kevin & Kenny

Hello, we are Kevin and Kenny!
We are two, gay artists working together to create a dark-fantasy, LGBT+ series called KRZ.

Through the magical universe and wide, diverse cast of KRZ, we aim to promote LGBT+ equality and empowerment. We plan to self-publish the series in the future, but for now, we are currently here on Patreon in order to 1) start building an audience, and 2) raise funds in order to keep KRZ going.

Pages of KRZ will be uploaded on a weekly basis before they are uploaded in full on Webtoons and Tapas. Animated pages will remain exclusive for Patreon, and then alongside the webcomic-series, we will also be uploading the KRZ Pin-Up Artwork Collection, which will feature NSFW artworks of the magical beings that exist within the KRZ storyline. Here are the censored versions of a werewolf and a vampire 😉

If you are interested to support KRZ, click HERE to sign up as a Patron! We offer button-pins, stickers, and signed character prints as physical rewards! Alternatively, if you don't want to be part of a monthly-subscription but would still like to give some support towards KRZ, visit the KRZ Ko-Fi page :)

Here is Tiger Winds, Part 1 of KRZ.
here to read Chapter 1 on Webtoons for FREE!!!

► Synopsis: The realm of Vinke is a happy, peaceful world inhabited by humans and magical beings alike. But when Supreme Ruler Alcus is challenged for the throne and defeated, his successor brings about a dark revolution. KRZ is a dark-fantasy series that follows the lives of those who have been affected by the new order.

Tiger Winds, Part 1 of the series, follows a young boy who is brought back from the dead, but he finds himself unable to remember any details about his life. His name, his birthplace, how he attained the huge claw mark going down his face... all of it is a mystery to him.

Major themes of KRZ include LGBT struggles, power corruption, racism/discrimination, and male/female equality. 

$90 of $100 per month
Currently, we are uploading pages on a bi-weekly basis. If we can reach this goal, we can start releasing on a weekly basis!
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