Kathryn Silver is creating Illustrations, comics, artwork

$1 /creation
you will get sketches that I have done 1 per month

$5 /creation
2 sketches uploaded here per month.

$10 /creation
All finalized pieces that I've done Plus sketch work as a .pdf 

$20 /creation
1 print ready .pdf of artwork I've created that month for Paper Triangle plus all sketch work plus 1 finished page of Paper Triangle a month.

$40 /creation
one 11 by 17  print just for you shipped to you (will have lists of what prints are available at the time) Plus 2 that I have finished of Paper Triangle

$150 /creation
You will get 2 pages per two weeks of Paper Triangle, plus two hours of my time. plus all of the lower rewards. You will be the FIRST to receive Paper Triangle in the mail.