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The Tribe (LOKR TEAM)


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You want to show us your support and be well informed about the project’s progress. You’ll also get to play the latest version only two weeks behind the pilot tier.

  • Access to Patrons-only news

  • 18+ WIP previews

  • Our Sincere Thanks for Allowing Us to Build the Game You Deserve.

  • Two-weeks after Pilots delayed download.

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$5 / month

This is your place if you want to shape the game as we go. Polls will be an integral part of the project as time is limited and some decisions will need to be made about which task to tackle first. You’ll also get the latest version two weeks after marines can get it.

  • All the previous 

  • Access to unique Discord Channels

  • Two-weeks after Marines delayed download

  • Vote in certain polls

  • Access to Teasers for Future Content

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You can’t care to wait for taking your spoils of war, and this extra dedication will get you the latest version of the game two weeks after it's released.

  • All the previous
  • Access to unique Discord Channels
  • Two week delayed download
  • Custom colors for character creation

Includes Discord benefits



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Hire a second artist.

Our former stretch goal is quite outdated now, with the higher quality and ambitions comes more difficult and demanding work. By hiring a second artist we'll be able to vastly reduce the workload on Kuja, meaning we can make stuff faster. We cannot thank you enough for your continued support in allowing us to work on this project. Your patience and support will be rewarded in due time, but any further aid you can lend us will only make the future game better, and production of it faster.

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