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Thank you for supporting me. Even though I don't do that much, but I'll still thank you.

This enables you to collab with me on Discord.

You can also submit a 3D Model (FBX format) to appear in the MDNBR map!

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Two Dollars? Well, Thank you.
You get at least (1) Commission. 

Also included: Unwatermarked posters.

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T-Thank you for this.
You get two (2) commissions.

And you can request for a DMX file of one of my posters. Just ask me what poster.
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About Kool-ET

Welcome to my Patreon Page!

KuletXCore is just your average pinoy fan who likes to edit stuff in Source FilmMaker. He makes mostly Neptunia posters and music edits.

He's now leading the "Neptunia Battle Royale" project, the first ever Neptunia shooter fangame made in Unreal Engine 4.

All development of the Neptunia BR Project is on-hold until further notice. Sorry. ;_;

I learned that Git-LFS (The main thing I use for Source Control and putting up the project on Github, and the thing that allows uploading the project to Github itself) has a metered connection and a monthly plan, so I need your help to support this huge project of mine.

I am also a student, so please bear with me if I become inactive most of the time. but you'll see me on Twitter, dA and on Discord as "KuletXCore#4164"

Here's a quick rundown:
>$5 - MDNBR Project longevity
>$50 - Better Internet

$1 of $1 per month
Even a dollar is a good one. Thank you.
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