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You are awesome, thanks for being a Culture Creator! We are so excited to show you on a regular basis what is going on here and how you can be involved!

° we will take you to the streets of Berlin, Germany and show you, what the culture out there is and how you, through us, can have a positive effect on it. Engage!

° we will give you a peek-view into all our workshops and events, that we are offering at our space. Create with us! 


° we will introduce to you all the artists, start-ups, programmers, animators, social justices workers, writers, board game designers, musicians, in short, all the culture makers that engage, create and inspire under our roof. Be inspired! 

° you have our eternal thanks for enabling us to expand our resources be it to rent more space, offer new workshops, buy new equipment, or pay people, that invest a lot of their time here in order to create a place, where everyone is welcome with their ideas, where ideas come into being and than inspire others to have a positive influence on our community here in Berlin and way beyond. 




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Kulturschöpfer - who we are
Kulturschöpfer was founded in September 2013 in Berlin-Friedrichshain with the goal of promoting an open, democratic and respectful society through art, culture, collaboration and community.

Kulturschöpfer aims to achieve this goal though different spheres that are all united under one roof: a gallery, a shared office, a workshop and our ‘living room’ in which we offer workshops, seminars, reading and concerts.

Kulturschöpfer is neither politically, culturally or religiously determined in a particular direction, and that is our strength. We believe in the power of collaboration. We are convinced that something wonderful and new emerges each time that people overcome their (internal) barriers and connect with each other in a respectful way by working together.

Kulturschöpfer has been creating a space for these encounters for years. A space characterised by fantasy, the pursuit of greater things, success; we allow people to fail forward and to be proud to be human. To us, each individual is a culture creator.

We are grateful for the opportunity of implementing this amazing project in the heart of Berlin. But it’s important to us that we’re not alone. Just as people’s interaction is vital for us, we also anticipate the positive development that will emerge through the networking with our partners and patrons. In doing so, we are always ensuring that both sides of this partnership benefit and that we together create a valuable, as well as sustainable, culture.

engage. create. inspire.
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In order to show quality art in our gallery, we need to have insurance to cover those pieces.  We value the work and the artists that we show, help us to protect their work.  
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post

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