is creating waifus, livestreams, and more ❤

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As thanks for your support, you get to suggest characters and vote in the monthly fanart polls to decide what characters I'll draw next month, and a big smooch from me. ❤

  • A smooch on the cheek.
  • Fanart poll vote & character suggesting.
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Get access to hi-res PNG versions of new pieces! Hi-res versions are usually 250% the size of web versions posted publicly, and they're the native size I work at. If you ever wanted to get all up in them details, this is for you. ❤



  • A smooch on the cheek.
  • Fanart poll vote & character suggesting.
  • New full resolution PNGs (+ wallpapers when available.)
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For every piece that gets the full color treatment there's dozens of doodles and sketches that don't see the light of day. With this tier you can get to see all of that! 

Get access to new sketch packs (average 90+ sketches a month), as well as access to all hi-res pieces ever posted! ❤ 


  • A smooch on the cheek.
  • Fanart poll vote & character suggesting. 
  • All full resolution PNGs (+ wallpapers when available.)
  • New sketch packs.
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Hi, I'm Kuro! :>

I'm an artist and visual novel developer, and I love drawing. I draw tons of anime girls (which I post on my Deviantart, Pixiv, Twitter, and other places), host drawing livestreams every single day of the year (at Picarto and Twitch), and do visual novel work when I find spare time (Itch.io).

I yearn to be able to do this full time all the time, and your support helps me get closer to that. With your contributions I can keep my bills in check and spend more time drawing, do more visual novel work, and invest in better equipment.

In return for your support you get a big smooch from me and some monthly goodies, such as:
  • Full resolution PNGs of my pieces
  • Sketch packs
  • And perhaps even a custom sketch!
In addition, every month there is a new fanart poll that every patron can vote on, and where the winners get a piece from me.

If you enjoy my work and would like to help me keep doing what I'm doing, please consider chipping in with any amount. ❤
$469 of $500 per month
When we reach here I'll have a hand at making some tutorials. ;p
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