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About kuroshinki

Gokigenyo! My name is Kuroshinki!

A Filipino freelance artist who mostly draws Yaoi and Macrophilia Art for your entertainment!

Each month I will draw an R-18 artwork exclusive to Patreon, and the more support I receive, the more rewards you will receive, including complete CG sequences, special sketches and doodles, PSD files, and more. ;)
Please check out my milestone goals!

What will you get every month?

  • 6 exclusive CG illustrations every month including 2 fan artworks from Kuroshinki: from censored, uncensored, to complete CG sets depending on your selected tier!
  • +1 Extra CG set (uncensored) every month for every milestone goal accomplished!
  • Exclusive access to my private gallery featuring line art, sketches, and special doodles for Normal and Premium tiers!

Reward system

  • All patrons are entitled to a full resolution image of the month
  • Rewards are sent within the first week of the month
  • Unlock milestone goals to receive more rewards!
  • Depending on the reward tier, a patron can receive additional sequences, naked and uncensored versions of an art, and other bonus content.
  • Some of the previous images of the month will be shared for free in my Twitter account and/or my other art websites (some pictures will be exclusive here in Patreon).
  • Reward tiers are not final and may change in the future.

If someone posted my work online in any website that are not my own, please message me immediately. After all, it would be unfair to you patrons if what you pay for becomes widely available online.

If you are Interested,
become my Patreon today!! ;)

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