is creating Final Fantasy Playthroughs
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Final Fantasy Memer
per month

You can name a character on the Final Fantasy game I am currently playing.

Final Fantasy Normie
per month

-Same rewards as Memer

-You get to name a character in future Final Fantasy games I play (meaning you get to name 2 characters in the current and future games I play)

-Whatever name you have given for the character, it will be used during the playthrough until this benefit expires. (Not included for $1 members)

Final Fantasy Semi - Fan
per month

-Same rewards as Memer and Normie

-You get to choose any spin-off game you want me to play on the spot for off day stream

-You can backseat but no spoilers!




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About KuruAkira23

Hello there fellow Phantom Thieves supporters,

My name's MJ, you can call KuruAkira or Kuru for short and I am a streamer on Twitch.

I am doing this thing called Final Fantasy gauntlet and it is basically a playthrough of all Final Fantasy games (including spin-offs)

You can find my social media sites here and if not, find me on twitch: