is creating Pro Audio software, plugins, and libraries
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About Kushview

Kushview is a small software company that produces free software and libraries for audio professionals, musicians, and developers.  All pledges starting at $1 and up grant access to all pre-built binaries on kushview.net.


A powerful audio plugin host which rivals the big guys.


Free reverb plugin for creating robotic echoes.

Virtual MIDI Controller

Software MIDI controller intended for testing/development purposes.

KV Modules
A handy set of extensions for the JUCE library.  Includes GUI components such as docking windows and more.

Fork of JUCE which can be installed at a shared system level.


A currently experimental UI toolkit for Golang. Motivation behind this project is enabling developers to write LV2 plugin GUIs in Go.
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Ensures minimal weekly development effort by Michael Fisher.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to