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   WHO ARE WE?  

KWENTO is a dance theater performing company that seeks to recreate life moments through emotionally driving movement in order to impact and deeply connect with the community, our fellow collaborating artists, and our individual selves.

KWENTO is short for "kuwento," which means "story" in Tagalog.


BREAK: 60 min dance theater piece premiering January 31, February 1, 7-8, 2020 at 7:30pm at PianoFight SF.

A note from the Artistic Director, Catherine Liu:

Break is the story of my most traumatic mental health experience. In 2017, I wanted to end my life. I thought of my mother and decided not to go through with it, but because I didn’t want to go on, I was having a battle between living and dying. Eventually, my brain broke. I had speech impairment and loss of muscle control, so I was hospitalized and admitted into a mental facility. In this facility, we were given notebooks and were encouraged to journal. I began jotting down the above events in bullet points and realized that these events could be distinct sections of a full-length dance piece. I knew I had to create it. I thought, “Well now I want to live to bring this piece to fruition.” And here we are :)

The goal of BREAK is to give support to those who are in recovery and those afraid to start. I also hope to bring understanding and awareness to those who have no first-hand experience with mental illness. Please save the date!

Director, Choreographer, Playwright: Catherine Liu
Dancers: Catherine Liu, Melanie Harvengt, Tayler Kinner, Molly Matutat, Keryn Breiterman-Loader


Your contributions will allow KWENTO to create and perform BREAK.

Here are the very important things that we will put your money toward:

Weekly Costs
  • Dancer Rehearsal Pay and Performance Stipend 
  • Rehearsal Rental Fees

One Time Production Based Costs
  • Performance Rentals
  • Music Licensing Fee - Composer: Albert Mathias
  • Props and Costumes
  • Photographer - Mogli Maureal
  • Videographer - Marica Petrey & Radix Troupe Productions
  • Promotional Materials - Flyers, Posters, Calendar Listings, Social Media Boosts, etc.

Any amount matters, it will be put towards any one of these things! Thank you thank you!!

Profile Picture: Maggie Picard
Cover Photo: Terrie Zeeman

By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 23 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 23 exclusive posts

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