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The Orbs
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This tier is for those of you that would like to help contribute to what videos I post on my channel and feel more apart of it than ever! All of my subscribers are SO important to me, but this is a way that you can not only help make my channel better with your donation but take part in the decision making process. 

I will be posting one day early access to random videos monthly as well as a poll where you can help decide what video I film and upload on my channel at LEAST once a month(and maybe sometimes more than that if I need help deciding!). 

As long as you are subscribed to this tier, I will have a shout out with your name on it at the end of my videos thanking you for your contribution to my channel and my videos! 

The Poltergeists
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For those of you that would like to help support my videos and help me get a better filming set up and paranormal investigation equipment! It's been my goal to make my videos better since the beginning and I know that my current filming set up has damaged my growth in this community. If you would like to contribute to those things then this is the tier for you!

Not only will you have access to tier one benefits, but there will be a special Poltergeists only hour+ long podcast with Mark and I discussing random topics ranging from the paranormal, true crime, to random stories from our lives. These will be unedited, raw, and unlike anything I've posted on my channel so far! You will also have access to a private discord where I will be active weekly, you can ask me questions or chat with me randomly as well as other Poltergeist Patreons!

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About kyeluh

My name is Kyla and I make YouTube videos for some of the best subscribers in the world, on all things spooky and unusual! I started this journey in 2015 when I uploaded a paranormal story time video on Halloween, having no idea that it was going to be one of the best decisions I've ever made and bring many of you into my life. 

My hope with starting this patreon page is that you will be able to feel closer to me and my channel more than ever, while helping me with the decision making process of my videos while also helping make my videos and content better with your donation. Mark and I are also starting a podcast that we’ve been talking about doing for a couple years for the top tier and we promise to make it exciting and worth it. I'm only doing this to make my content better and to hopefully grow with all of you at my side!

I'm starting with 2 tiers to keep it from being too overwhelming while also giving you guys what I think you deserve, but if none of these feel right for you I completely understand and appreciate your time and that you watch my videos at all!

I love you all SO much!

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