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Never underestimate how small things like coffee, tea, or craft beer can be valuable tools for inspiration and debugging over long researching, building, coding, testing, and video editing sessions. Thank you for considering supporting!
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About Kyle Gabriel

Hi. I'm Kyle Gabriel. I create educational articles and videos focused on fun, useful, and scientific topics and develop software (I'm the core developer of the open source Mycodo environmental monitoring and regulation software that I often use in my projects). Check out my first full-length feature video Building an Automated Hydroponic System. I plan to release similar content on a more regular basis. The next video I'm currently working on is mushroom cultivation, from wild foraging to growing in your home.

What? This Patreon was primarily created to support the content I produce and for those who would like to show their support. I intend to release a few videos per year detailing the projects I've been working on along with an accompanying article with more details. I also continually work on Mycodo, and since I started developing Mycodo over a decade ago, it has been open source and free to use. I intend to keep it that way, but being the sole active developer, a considerable amount of time, effort, and testing is required to develop and maintain it.

Why? Your support will allow me to offset the costs of producing the educational articles, videos, and other content and allow me to focus on the technical aspects rather than the financial ones. 

How? A lot of what I do focuses on building and testing both hardware and software. There's a significant amount of time I invest in software development, but building physical systems requires a lot of resources in addition to time. Equipment, raw materials, research and design, travel, and more goes into not only building and documenting new projects, but also implementing and testing software features that require unique systems to operate.

Although it often goes without saying, I would like to say I greatly appreciate any financial support you provide. Thank you. It really means a lot. Patreon places tiers to promote donations, but let's be honest, you're here because you get what I'm doing and you believe the 1000s of hours I put into software development, building, documenting, and video production is worth it! You're also a doer and creator.


Kyle T. Gabriel
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Thank you for all the support! I'm upping the bar to 21 patrons because 2021 is going to be a great year.
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