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I've been involved in music and the arts for most of my life! I'm a classically-trained coloratura soprano and harpist who has performed in live shows and recitals and has recorded two EPs in studio. My whole life I've loved to be a learner and a performer, but lately I've been feeling a pull in a new direction: To be a teacher and a guide.

I had always struggled with stage fright in my past and never thought I could fully share my gifts with the world, but as I've undergone my own journey, I've arrived in a place where that's no longer my truth. My truth is that I can embrace what I have to offer and fully express it, and my calling has been to share that journey with others who are struggling so that I can help them find the courage to share their gifts, too! I do this by offering sound therapy, guided meditations and chakra cleansing sessions, as well as developing a complete downloadable program/journey that takes the client on a quest for sovereignty.  This program allowed me to get to a place of feeling inadequate to feeling empowered in only a few months, after years of struggle!

Aside from music, I am also an artist and a writer and currently undergoing training to become a Kundalini Dance facilitator and a Vibroacoustic Therapist, to further aid my clients on their journeys. 

It is my passion to inspire and help others, because I was in that place of feeling "not good enough" for so long and I know how hard it is. But, in order for me to do that full time, I need your help! 

By supporting me, you are allowing me to reach out to more people and to further my training so that I can find even more ways to help others find their voice and share their gifts!

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It is my hope that I can offer this work full time in my community.
$500/month will go towards the necessary fees required to maintain the work space and the purchasing of new supplies and equipment for my clients. It will help me to obtain further training in new therapeutic methods, such as Kundalini Dance and Vibroacoustic Therapy. It also helps me to pursue the ability to teach voice lessons via RCM grading.
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