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About Kyle Lowe

Hi, I'm Kyle.

I make short films. Sometimes they are music videos, sometimes they are dramatic videos, sometimes they are comedy videos.

I enjoy making art with my friends. Being my patron helps me continue making art.

How does this work?
The films I make will live on YouTube and Vimeo, available for free to everyone.

However, if you’d like to support me, you’ll get access to Patron-only stuff depending on your level of contribution. As a Patron, you’ll get notified any time I post something visible at your level of contribution (you can turn these notifications off, of course).

Plus, through the comments on Patreon, I'll be able to hear directly from the people that support me, and use that inspiration and guidance to create something we're all excited about!

Why Patreon?
It's a system I believe in. I personally am a patron of a number of Patreon pages and am happy to support other creators. I've cancelled my cable and instead subscribe directly to projects I'm interested in and want to support.

What kind of frequency can we expect?
Well, that's really up to you. I can use the funds to save up and make a handful of slick short films, or do daily or weekly vlogs. I'm looking forward to your feedback.
$3 of $500 per video
Meeting this goal means I'll be able to continue making videos regularly.
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