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My name is Kyle Nichols and I am a 23 year-old Canadian living in Burlington, Ontario, Canada. My story is one of adapting to change. Ever since I was ten years old, I wanted to be a lawyer. Yes, a ten year-old already knew that he wanted to be a lawyer. And every decision I have made since the age of ten has been geared towards realizing that goal. Following high school in Burlington (2013) I attended Carleton University in Ottawa to get my B.A. honours in Legal Studies. In the final semester of my fourth year (2017) I went through the arduous process of applying to law school following some personal troubles. To my delight, I got in to three law school in Australia (U of Sydney, Griffith U, and Bond U)! The remainder of the year would be taken to prep myself for a massive overseas move.

The most difficult task was complete; I got in to law school after nearly thirteen years of hard work. Yet, it was not meant to be. The University of Sydney costs somewhere in the neighbourhood of $45,000 per year and it is normal for room rentals to reach $500 per week. Some rough budgeting led me to a bottom line of between $225-250,000; an amount way beyond my reach. No Canadian banks will offer that amount of money for a professional line of credit and there are no scholarships or government aid that will even put a dent in that amount. 

So I was faced with a roadblock, I could feel sorry for myself and waste away, or I could take action and be productive. This is when my passion for photography became the singular most important facet of my life; it has always been a hobby, but never something I had considered monetizing. After about two years as a hobbyist, I created my website (, my business cards and an Instagram business account (@kylenichols16) and started booking photoshoots. My vlog is an extension of this effort to expand my technical skills behind the camera. Moreover, I applied to (and just accepted!!!) my offer to Ryerson University for a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Image Arts: Photography commencing this fall (2018). 

The reason I am turning to Patreon is not in some vain effort to earn a living right away from photography/vlogging; rather, it is me acknowledging that while my path to success has been altered drastically, it has also been redefined. Everyone has a path to success, and mine isn't down the legal path. I ask you, my viewers, patrons, admirers, friends, and family to support me while I pursue this path to the absolute best of my abilities and as I continue to learn about photography/vlogging and grow as a person.
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