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is creating music videos on HAMMERED DULCIMER and more...
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About Kyle Paxton

First of all, with much gratitude, THANK YOU!!! for visiting my patreon page and for any interest in this creative journey I am on.

My name is Kyle Paxton. I am a musician, composer, arranger, visual artist, and surfer from the Gulf Coast of Florida, U.S. With this said, I am very excited to start creating music videos displaying my imagination to you! One of my goals and responsibilities is to provide an honest representation of who I am through music, while combining it with high quality videos that are engaging and fun to you! For my first videos, I will highlight one instrument that I love, the Hammered Dulcimer. If you are not familiar with it, it is an obscure folk instrument in the U.S. However, it has a rich history in the world; having roots to a similar instrument in ancient Persia, and then moving over the millennia to places in Asia and Europe. In a series of very peculiar events, it eventually intersected my path; and now, I hope it intersects yours too! 

The Hammered Dulcimer is known in traditional folk music; but my journey is to introduce the Hammered Dulcimer in a contemporary way using elements of classical, jazz, and pop. One example might be playing "Don't Stop Believing," from Journey! I can't wait to do that! Anywho, please explore my social media and videos and I hope you Enjoy! Thank you!

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