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About Kyle Shutt

Well well well, here we are, the Patreon page of me, Kyle Shutt, the wild man, ol’ lightning fingers, the busiest man in showbiz! If you’ve made it this far then you may know me from my tenure with The Sword, my heavy metal Pink Floyd laser tribute Doom Side of the Moon, my punk ‘n’ roll solo efforts, or my newest band, Mountain of Smoke. However you know me, you must know that I love a good time, a couple cold beers, and playing the hell out of a (Reverend) guitar.

I’m starting this Patreon page for a few reasons. First, while I have a ton of artistic output in physical and streaming forms, many of my demos and creative processes never see the light of day and many of you have expressed interest in getting a peek inside my twisted mind. So this page will be mostly demos, old and new, and other musical doodles that’s have yet to take full shape. Some may be grindcore, some may be orchestral, but all will be 100% Kyle. Second, I’m constantly tinkering with cover songs that don’t always make the cut for an album, so many of them will land here for you’re listening pleasure. Third, I’ll be posting videos of pedal and gear reviews and guitar tips for all you music mutants out there! And lastly, I’m opening up my musical notebook to further connect with you because I sincerely would be nothing of an artist without you amazing friends and fans to help me keep playing the old six string.

So if you like good times, rock ‘n’ roll, and supporting the arts, throw a few dollars in my hat and I’ll keep updating this page with all kinds of fun and interesting ways to keep on ‘a rocking!
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If we reach $5000 per month, I'll be able to keep cranking out the tunes and living out your wildest fantasies full time!  It will also afford me more gear to review and more time to create sick art for sore eyes and ears!
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