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A dollar... sweet! I'm now half-way to a cup of coffee.
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I will buy a muzzle for my neighbors dog who barks during the podcast and interrupts our glorious conversations.
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You've now demonstrated that you are the kind of person who values my health and wants to see me eat something other than happy meals for the rest of my life. 




You don't need to donate to this podcast. There are plenty of ways to support the show that don't require money. Use it as a conversation starter to flirt with a barista at your local coffee shop. Share it with the German backpacker who you met in a hostel but fell out of touch with. Give it a rating on i tunes or Stitcher. 

With all of that said, if you still feel compelled to donate, thank you, it really helps me continue to make podcasts and write. 

Now get outside,


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