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Philosophy, skepticism, science, issues, faith and lack of it - talking to people who matter.

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Milestone Goals
Extra Video Content
$100 per Podcast
Bonus videos for Patreon supporters - involving science, skepticism, events and investigations. This will essentially cover the costs of hosting the podcast online.
Conference Goal
$300 per Podcast
This is when I can start putting a little aside every month to see about attending or presenting at a national or international event. Naturally, I'll document the lot for my supporters! 
Regular video series every month
$600 per Podcast
Here's where I start producing and working on more podcasts, videos, taking requests and promoting work you care about! It'll go towards equipment and upgrading what I already have.


A former Philosophy teacher turned podcaster and writer - interviewing interesting people around the world.


Perth WA, Australia

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Support on Patreon goes towards both the Token Skeptic and Urban Legendary podcasts.

What's This About?

I've been creating podcasts and the occasional video since around 2008 - usually I interview people around the world on science, skepticism, philosophy - anything that piques my interest!
You can see some of my work on the Skeptical Inquirer website and in the book The Scope of Skepticism and a new book now in print for 2015.

I'm a radio broadcast student (and a former Philosophy teacher) who volunteers with public community stations in Australia - while learning more about editing and improving audio quality, I've decided to consolidate my work in the shows Token Skeptic and Urban Legendary. They're sharable via via a Creative Commons license (BY-ND-NC 3.0), which lets anyone distribute or host any episode unchanged.

  • Token Skeptic is devoted to science, skepticism and critical thinking. Over 200 episodes!
  • Urban Legendary is about modern issues, ideas, activism and society. Heading into big double-digits with the eps!

Everything has been out-of pocket - this is something I funded by myself from the start, and then gained help from generous donors. From hosting the site/s, the audio producing and editing, the research, even studying for a year and a half to learn how to improve my skills and volunteering my time at radio stations to contribute to the broader community.

And that's where you come into it.

You Can Help By...

My goal is to become more self-sufficient with producing the shows, as well as funding travel to visit conferences and events to record interviews in person. Hosting the podcasts is the primary cost - the more content, the more it costs. Yay bandwidth!

This all takes time, travel, money and effort - that's where you come into it! Improving the quality, finding new angles and expanding the show can be done with your support.

(The higher rewards get earlier rewards too)

Pledge $1.00 or more per Podcast
For just $1, you get access to the exclusive Patron-only feed here on Patreon, where extra podcasts and behind-the-scenes news and discussions happen! News about the show, sneak peaks, updates and the occasional free stuff up for grabs (shirts, you never know!)

Pledge $2.00 or more per Podcast
A personalised thank you in the credits of the show - plus earlier rewards. In addition - I'll be keen to hear any questions that you'd like to ask of future guests, if I have enough notice to let you know about them! If they're on topic (and I can make it work!), they'll be asked. If it doesn't make it to the interview, it'll be in the bonus extended Patreon feed!

Pledge $5.00 or more per Podcast
For only $5, I'll send you the Entertainment Pack - a special package of buttons, stickers, and your choice of book or CDs from a selection and a transcript from the show (choose which one you'd like!). Also the earlier rewards.

Pledge $10.00 or more per Podcast
For only $10, I'll do a review of your choosing! If I can, I'll get in touch with the creator (for example, a book, movie or TV show) and include them in an interview - or at least interview someone else who can lend a perspective to the topic. Plus earlier rewards.

Pledge $50.00 or more per Podcast
A logo t-shirt or mug the first time you support at this level; may take 2 to 4 weeks to deliver. Plus earlier rewards.

Pledge $100.00 or more per Podcast
A signed, personalised copy of the original Scope of Skepticism: Interviews, Essays and Observations From the Token Skeptic Podcast and the newly-released in 2015 book.
A custom message in the podcast, including commercial sponsorship, plus the earlier rewards.


What's the schedule like?
One show a fortnight at this rate - with more sponsors, more shows during that time period.

Are podcasts still being produced even if I don't sponsor the shows?
Yes, you can still follow and encourage and get the word out about the shows - for me, that's support too. Thanks!

Are you wearing pyjamas for most of these interviews?
I used to, yes, but these days I'm often conducting interviews at a radio station and they won't let me do that. It's seen as a bit too hipster, I think. And that coming from a radio station that plays ambient-jazz-funk-fusion...

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