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Philosophy, skepticism, science, issues, faith and lack of it - talking to people who matter.

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A former Philosophy teacher turned podcaster and writer - interviewing interesting people around the world.


Perth WA, Australia

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An update for 2015 - the support on Patreon now goes towards both the Token Skeptic and Urban Legendary podcasts.

What's This About?

I've been creating podcasts and the occasional video since around 2008 - usually I interview people around the world on science, skepticism, philosophy - anything that piques my interest!
You can see some of my work on the Skeptical Inquirer website and in the book The Scope of Skepticism and a new book now in print for 2015.

I'm a radio broadcast student (and a former Philosophy teacher) who volunteers with public community stations in Australia - while learning more about editing and improving audio quality, I've decided to consolidate my work in the shows Token Skeptic and Urban Legendary. They're sharable via via a Creative Commons license (BY-ND-NC 3.0), which lets anyone distribute or host any episode unchanged.

You Can Help By...

My goal is to become more self-sufficient with producing the shows, as well as funding travel to visit conferences and events to record interviews in person. Hosting the podcasts is the primary cost - the more content, the more it costs.

This all takes time, travel, money and effort - that's where you come into it! Improving the quality, finding new angles and expanding the show can be done with your support.

(The higher rewards get earlier rewards too)

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For just $1, you get access to the exclusive Patron-only feed here on Patreon, where extra podcasts and behind-the-scenes news and discussions happen!

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A personalised thank you in the credits of the show - plus earlier rewards.

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For only $5, I'll send you a transcript from a selection of past interviews - and what was involved in the making of the show.

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For only $10, I'll do a review of your choosing! If I can, I'll get in touch with the creator (for example, a book, movie or TV show) and include them in an interview.

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A "placebo band" - one of the great icebreakers when it comes to discussing weird and wonderful claims about pseudoscience and the paranormal. Guaranteed to do absolutely nothing but be a plastic band with a shiny sticker on it... which oddly resembles other products out there that have completely different claims about their efficacy. Plus earlier rewards.

Pledge $50.00 or more per Podcast
A logo t-shirt or mug the first time you support at this level; may take 2 to 4 weeks to deliver.

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A signed, personalised copy of the original Scope of Skepticism: Interviews, Essays and Observations From the Token Skeptic Podcast and the newly-released in 2015 book

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A custom message in the podcast, including commercial sponsorship, plus the earlier rewards.


What's the schedule like?
One show a fortnight at this rate - with more sponsors, more shows during that time period.

Are podcasts still being produced even if I don't sponsor the shows?
Yes, you can still follow and encourage and get the word out about the shows - for me, that's support too. Thanks!

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