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About Kym NonStop

HELLO! I'm KYM NONSTOP: a bike racing, world-traveling, NASM-certified personal-trainer and I wanna help you live your best life! My Youtube channel was created 3 years ago with the intention to guide us all to lead healthy, happy and bold lives while keeping it real, tackling fears and uplifting one another. I love what I do but it requires the support of the community. This is awesome for many reasons- the biggest one is that as a supporter you have a voice in what kind of content I create and what direction my channel will go. 

As an added AWESOME incentive to pledge- I will be donating 50% of everything raised on here in the first 6 months  to Girls, Inc.Click here to find out more about Girls,Inc. or to donate to them directly!)

Want to support my work with a one-time donation? Patreon only accepts monthly contributions but you may CLICK HERE for a ONE-TIME DONATION
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If we make this monthly goal- You will have successfully funded a Girls,Inc field trip!
I will have all my videos CLOSE CAPTIONED. It's so important that everyone can appreciate this work including the deaf community.
I will make higher budget vid (along the lines of OMG KALE and WORLDS TOUGHEST TRACK RACE) and best of all it will be chosen by YOU through a Patreon Poll. 
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