Sailing Kymopoleia

is creating adventure videos for the environment, human rights and soup
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Welcome aboard SY Kymopoleia, The Goddess of Stormy Weather!

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About Sailing Kymopoleia

Kymopoleia's Mission

SY Kymopolia’s mission is to share exciting and fun views of the coasts around the world's Oceans, to create environmental awareness, human rights and soup. Team Kymopoleia will do this by sharing videos, photos and interviews that we create during her fun, sailing adventures, as part of her  North Atlantic Circumnavigation. We'll show you action above, below and on the water all along the coast. Also we'll share views of the places that we visit and interviews with the people who live in coastal communities.

Sailing Yacht Kymopoleia makes her home in Provincetown, Massachusetts. She is permanently moored in the harbor, just off Ryder Street Beach between the Old Reliable Pier and Fishermen’s Wharf.  So that Kymopoleia’s work will take both the global view and also have a local focus, She will expand her own mission by supporting the work of three organizations, that are present in Provincetown, and impactful there in Kymopoleia’s home; The organizations are, The Center for Coastal Studies, the Human Rights Campaign (HRC) and SKIP, Soup Kitchen in Provincetown. She will do this by sharing a percentage of the money raised to her sailing and also by letting you all know about these excellent organizations. So that you might elect to support them on your own.

Join our Team!

We have a terrific, core team in place to help us get started, but we will need your help to make this trip possible and to accomplish our mission.

You can support Kymopoleia by signing on to support us through Kymopoleia’s Patreon site. Patreon is a crowd funding site that gives you the power to make monthly donations to support exciting projects in a creative, new way!

There are lots of ways to support Kymopoleia in her mission to create environmental awareness, human rights and soup. Signing on to support us through Patreon is one of the best ways. You can also subscribe to Kymopoleia's YouTube channel, follow Kymopoleia's Facebook page, or donate to her directly.  If you're a sailor, you can also sail Kymopoleia by sharing her through BoatSetter.

We have started Kymmie's first sailing season of explorations with adventures in Provincetown, Massachusetts and in Boston's Harbor and Boston's stunningly beautiful archipelago.  We're planning now for the first part of her North Atlantic Circumnavigation, to sail from Provincetown to Scotland and then on to France!

By Scotland, I mean "New Scotland" or Nova Scotia, and by France I mean the Islands of Saint Pierre and Miquelon (actually, these islands are France, and they are part of Europe, right here in North America). We have a lot to do i to make the first part of our trip happen and we’ll need your help to do it!  Our goal is 1,000 Patrons to make the trip to Scotland and France possible.  If we can more than 3,000 Patrons then we'll commit to making the whole circuit of our lovely ocean, and who knows where what we could do together after that?  For the environment, human rights and soup!

So climb on board Sailing Yacht Kymopoleia, The Goddess of Stormy Weather, for sailing adventure videos and for the first part of our trip, from Provincetown, Massachusetts, to Scotland and on to France!
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When Kymopoleia reaches 1000 patrons, she will commit to making her Circumnavigation of the North Atlantic Ocean!
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