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About Kieran Thompson

Hi, hello!

My name is Kieran Thompson and I make comics. I draw and write fantasy comics featuring mostly LGBTQ+ casts. I like to think of them as stories featuring queer people without being stories that are mainly about being queer. I dabble in other things too, but this is the sort of thing I prefer to write.

The vast majority of my work is available for free online. I love that people who may not have much money are still able to read and enjoy my work! But unfortunately it's not particularly profitable to give things away for free and I am still a person who lives in the world and requires money to survive.
If you're not familiar with my work here are a list of places you can find me: my personal, and
You may be wondering why you had to confirm that you are over 18 to view my page, that's because some, but not most, of my work is adult in nature. My 18+ work will always be clearly labelled as such, so it is easy to avoid if you wish to do so.

Regular monetary donations enable me to keep working and keep my work freely available. Thanks so much for your support!

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I'll make more of an effort to have an art livestream schedule and stick to it, including the occasional art tutorial stream.
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