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Regular Cotton Panties!

$1 /mo

Thank you for your contribution!
Every little bit helps! Regular ol' white cotton panties are nothing...

Bear Panties!

$2 /mo

Thanks for supporting me! Bear panties are pretty much the same as normal white panties...


$4 /mo

Thank you, thank you!
Bloomers actually go over a pair of panties, like a pantsu shield.
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Polka-Dot Panties!

$6 /mo

Wow, thank you so much!
Each polka dot on a pair of polka dot panties represents one of the wearer's hopes and dreams!
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Neko Panties

$8 /mo

Wow, I can't thank you enough!

Neko panties are all the rage lately! They have cute ears, and a cat shaped cutout on the front!
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$10 /mo

This means so much to me!
Shimapan are legendary! Worn by only the cutest o...