The L0DE RADIO HOUR is creating Radio Shows

$1 /creation
Thanks for supporting the show! L'chaim! 

$6.66 /creation
Your support is the lifeblood of LRH. You gain voice in #LRH and I will personally thank you at the end of every show. If we can get 666 people to contribute $6.66 per show, the beast will slouch t...

$10 /creation
$10 tier supporters have penises on average, 10x as long as $1 tier supporters. These mondo-donged Adonises and Ladyboy-Adonises can expect a high degree of respect in the LRH community as befits t...

$20 /creation
$20 per show supporters are amongst the coldest niggaz on the internet. I will give you access to all the LRH archives I have online, which is like, all of season 1 and 2, and some other miscelany

$50 /creation
I will devote a special 60 second segment to you each show.

$100 /creation
LRH DIAMOND PLATINUM CLUB MEMBERSHIP - Invites to exclusive nights in NYC and an exclusive open invite to appear live in-studio once as long as you aren't a total cunt

$500 /creation
SLOTH TIER - GET ON HIS LEVEL -  Access to all historical archives. Unlimited access to the LRH studio, access to all the material I deem too illegal to air, your en...

$1,000 /creation
LRH will continually advertise your product or idea, do on-air testimonials, product placement, or political party with the bloodthirsty zeal of a true gypsy.

$2,500 /creation
Gain access to all LRH historical archives, summon l0de IRL at will, and set him to do your dark bidding.