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    • Thank you for your monthly support. You dedication to my work is truly appreciated, and without it, I would not be able to pursue my projects and passions.




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    About l3lessed

    I'm a life long techy, gamer, and coder. It has been a large hobby and passion of mine since I played sesame street on an old Mac Classic when I was just 5. I have spent numerous hours, while growing up, learning the ins and outs of computer hardware and software by building, breaking, rebuilding, melting down, going into full blown panics, crying for a while, and then throwing my defeated self back into whatever grueling project grabbed my attention.

    Now, I'm 34, married to a brilliant, beautiful lady, and working in the wonderful profession of education. Everything tech and gaming is still one of my largest hobbies, and I spend much of my spare time building computers, programming, 3D modeling, and any other techy interest that I stumble on.

    However, my adult responsibilities make it harder to find the time to follow my passion of creating things to improve others experiences and life. With the support of fellow tech and gaming enthusiast, I would be able to justify dedicating more time to these personal projects that I want to provide to others free of charge, from game models, textures, and lighting mods to fully coded engine mods and anything else to enhance gamers and techies experiences.

    Without any income or support from these activities, I have to spend more personal time focused on my work and other responsibilities taking time away from one of my largest passions and time from creating free work for a community I have been a part of and watched grow and evolve into the wonderful community of people and projects it is today.

    Thank you for your support,

    Sean R. Maddox.
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    If I can make 500$ in a month, I will create tutorial videos on my projects, so others can learn how to create and make their own projects.
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