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This Tier is a temporary tier for benefits for those needing to downgrade during the Coronavirus period who still want to support but are obviously having to deal with the uncertainty in the world. I want you to be able to see the updates.

However, with the new l8eralgames.com website, this tier is being phased out.
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About L8ERAL games

L8eral Games is a machine consisting currently of one cog, L8eral Jack. This clown is dedicated to creating quirky and offbeat visual novels and render sets for adults.

Whether you are an artist, musician, or writer, the creative industry is a tough gig. With the internet making it so easy to copy and share your work, there's precious few ways for someone to make a living with their art. That's why your support is so important.

But it's not a one-way street.

When you join the L8eral Team, you'll get access to the Discord channel, full-size renders of all sets and progress renders, as well as early access to the visual novels themselves. You'll get behind the scenes updates. You may also have the chance to participate in sessions and polls to determine direction of future games. This will make your stay an interactive experience full of potential.

So, grab your lotion and make like a zombie.

Join me!

For more information and Download Links for publicly-released games, or to join the Mailing List, check out l8eralgames.com

Completed Visual Novel Games:
  • Shag the Hag
    • Monster sex with vampires, zombies, and witches; Narrative
    • Unable to sleep due to insomnia, you journey into the woods every night. Lately, however, you've begun encountering creatures of the night. Will you romance them all and save them from the evil necromancer, or go home and get some sleep instead?
    • Current Progress: 100% complete, Aiming to add a small update in July/August
    • Total Time in Dev: 4.5 Months
Currently In Development:
  • The J-Files Season 1: The Penny Conspiracy (PAUSED for Patreon Review)
    • Conspiracy theories and romance; Narrative with Multiple Endings
    • School's out and it's time to put your teaching skills and your love of UFOs to the test as you embark on a career in Conspiracy Theory investigation for FUFON. Unfortunately, your old student Penny has decided she wants to be the Scully to your Fox...
    • Current Progress: First Episode Complete
    • Total Time in Dev: 5.5 Months
  • Shag the Hag 2: Revenge of the Brides (PAUSED for Patreon Review)
    • Monster sex with vampires, zombies, and witches; Narrative
    • A young warlock comes to terms with the mysterious death of his father and journeys into the woods to seek vengeance. Instead, he might just find he's a chip off the old block...
    • Current Progress: In Set Design
    • Dev Started: August 2020
  • The Management: Her Android Tears
    • Cyberpunk with Androids, Robots, street punks, Maids, and Genies...
    • An ex-mercenary now runs a hotel/apartment building and is dropped neck-deep in trouble when one of his guests is hunted by some rich corporate interests. Time for the little guy to fight back!
    • Current Progress: Character Design complete, Exterior Set design complete, Interior Set design complete, UI Design complete, Story 98% of first part, Images 1/5th of first part (roughly 100 of around 5-600)

$146.56 of $2,500 per month
I can take this beast fulltime. This would mean a lot to me as I suffer from anxiety-related issues and have never had a stable financial base. I've put up with a lot of debt and if there's a reality to prove the cliche for the suffering artist who lives on packet noodles most of the time, I'm it. I'd honestly just like to cover my bills and hide in my home to produce the best visual novels I can.
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