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l'Atelier d'Apocalypse

literally translated, means "The Workshop of the Apocalypse."

To me, apocalyptic fiction doesn't merely mean "the entire world ends and everything is terrible." An apocalypse could be personal: emotional trauma, unexpected romance, a sudden shift in paradigm or worldview. Anything that irrevocably changes the world for someone is apocalyptic in nature.

I only deal in apocalypses. The lurid, the desperate, the melodramatic -- all of that fascinates me.

Ok, but who are you?
I'm Jacqueline Bryk and I'm a mess.

I've been dealing with depression and anxiety since I was very small, so everything feels kinda world-ending to me. I deal with much of my emotional angst through writing and creating. Sometimes, people think it's good.

I've written for Onyx Path Publishing, Helmgast AB, Damocles Thread Development, and Galileo Games. My game The Porch won a Golden Cobra Design Award in 2016. I worked on Vampire 5e, which won the Origins Award for Best RPG 2019, as well as KULT: Divinity Lost, which won a 2019 Silver Ennie for Best Writing.

What are your games and fiction about?

I love apocalyptic fiction in the classic sense, but I also love texts where the protagonist never quite feels safe because Something has Changed. It's something I can easily empathize with. When I have a dream about vampires taking over a college and turning everyone into slaves, or a lone wanderer stumbling across a burning temple in the desert, or someone falling in love with a total monster, I want to put that into words. And I want to get paid for those words, because so often, they come from a place that hurts to explore.

You're listed as having adult/NSFW content. Will you post nudes?
No, but sometimes I'll post erotica or games focused on sex.

What else will I get?
I'm very interested in sharing with my patrons! I plan on having semi-regular polls, thoughtblogs, and other goodies. If you subscribe at $5, your name shows up in my credits, and you get an early look at my texts!

Where did you get the reward levels from?
Jamais Cascio's Eschatological Taxonomy!

Where else can I find you?

How can I reach out to you with writing opportunities or offers?
jacquelinembryk at gmail dot com
$110 of $250 per finished text
Once we hit $250, I'll hire artists and voice actors to assist me in the creation of some of my projects! Text pieces will come with layout and illustration, and each piece will be read by a different voice actor.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 103 exclusive posts

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