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This is the top of the mountain folks! Nick Offerman is the most ballerest of ballers, true captain of the haters ball. A stache of this integrity deflects all haterism and glows bright with masculine energy and radiates a brute musk of steak and whiskey. Drop this love and your stache will know greatness!




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Mr Manfred is an avid gamer with a strong interest in shooters. From growing up with Halo, Counter-Strike, and World of Warcraft as the favorite games from childhood, it is clear why the perfect amalgamation of MMO-RPG and FPS that is Destiny is such a perfect fit! I love the multi-faceted combat style which takes FPS to new heights considering movement and abilities to supplement simple gun concepts, either futuristic or more modern day weapon concepts.

Twitch is the primary platform where you can catch Mr M gaming it up and hanging out with his community. But there is also YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and Discord to reach him on and so follow this links in his profile to keep up with all of Mr M's online activity!

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