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About L. Amber O'Hearn

Greetings! My name is Amber O'Hearn. Although I'm a data scientist by profession, I've been researching and experimenting with ketogenic and evolution-based diets since 1997. More recently I started writing and speaking about my findings. I have two blogs:

  • The Ketogenic Diet for Health I started with Zooko Wilcox in 2012. Our original vision was to detail the surprisingly diverse conditions for which a ketogenic diet appears to have therapeutic value, and the equally surprising (given its status in mainstream culture) high level of scientific support behind it. We've always had an eye on the larger question of why the positive effects appear to be systemic, and the connection to our evolutionary history.
  • Empirica began as a personal story of my own curious dietary experiences, but quickly became focused on the evidence for animal-based nutrition.

These blogs have enjoyed good readership because of the emphasis on scientific evidence and on points of controversy, where experts disagree. I like to dig up implicit assumptions and examine them to find out if they are warranted. Intellectual transparency is also emphasised. I try to make it clear why I think the literature says what I think it says, especially since I often interpret research results as supporting conclusions other than those of the publishing authors.

I want to continue to provide my readers with thoughtful interpretation of the science as it unfolds, and I want to synthesise some of these ideas into a book, but it is time intensive. In order to focus on creating new content, I've invested time and money by leaving my data science job and allocating personal savings. This will give me a chance to reach the audience that I think it would benefit and interest. However, it will not be self-sustaining.

Rather than advertising, an irrelevant distraction at best, I would prefer to enable voluntary contributions at the reader's discretion. Patreon provides a structured mechanism for this that allows you to show your support with a low level of commitment.
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