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For the price of a small chocolate bar per month, you can still support Lab Down Under. Every dollar counts towards my ultimate goal of shedding light on some of the great research our Australian scientists are doing! (Note: This is USD not AUD)
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For the price of a coffee a month, you can help support Lab Down Under and our goal of uncovering some of the research being done by our top minds and sharing these dicoveries with the world. (Note: this is USD, not AUD)
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Welcome to the Lab Down Under Patreon page - Your gateway to some absolutely amazing Australian science. My name's Miklos and I started on this blogging journey in 2019 to shed light on the terrific work our researchers were doing here in Australia. Right now, I'm running a weekly blog on research which normally wouldn't hit mainstream science headlines but which is just as important in humanity's quest to advance our knowledge about the world around us.

What does Lab Down Under have to offer?

My aim is to really delve into the latest research in a way I feel that's missing in scientific journalism today. There's no copying from press releases here. Each blog I write, I sit down with the researcher in question to find out the details about their work that can get overlooked in the typical 300-word press release churned out by a university's PR department. Science deserves good journalism and I hope to bring that to the table here.

What are the goals of Lab Down Under?

If you enjoy the work I'm doing on the blog and wish to support it, please sign up as a Patron. The more Patrons I have here, the more articles I'll be able to create and the wider the spotlight will be on some of Australia's top scientists. I'm hoping to include some special content in the future for my Patrons too if the blog becomes popular enough. There's some groundbreaking research occurring out there, so please help me reveal these findings to the world and showcase how Australian scientists really are striving to expand the limits of our knowledge and uncover the hidden secrets of our universe.

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