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it's nice to show gratitude

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Thanks for being here for me. I'm planning to be there for you, as I've always been. It's nice to show gratitude. 

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When the first lockdown began, I was in Brooklyn and, one more time, music kept me alive and helped me move so much forward with my art.

Yesterday, I did the first rehearsal with two magnificent artistic souls, Daphne and Panayotis, with whom I'll be recording my new album.

I am happy.

You can support the production of this work here.
In exchange, I will send you my music when it’s ready.

Thank you so much,


You can always put as much money as you would like to offer, regardless, by selecting "Become a Patron" and "Make a custom pledge".

I invite you to support my work by donating any amount you want and also share this message with art lovers like you, who would love to join you on this with pleasure. This is also a great way for my art to be suggested to more people, and gratitude will be double.

Thank you from the depths of my heart and I hope that you enjoy life, my new album when it comes to the world, and life again.

Stay healthy and cheerful!

The first @lfacting documentary!

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This is a hug we couldn’t include in the final edit of the first @lfacting documentary we’ve been preparing with the great @alegi__ .

This hug didn’t fit the edit flow, but I chose it to announce the upcoming launching of this first documentary we produced, taking place in a few days from now.

This hug represents the intimate and true work flow I’ve been experiencing with everyone who’s been supporting my teaching work through tough and beautiful, but mostly, revealing years.

This is @ariskallergis hugging here, a brilliant collaborator at @yianneis, a student in more than a few workshops and a true friend throughout life.

Support our work through this new tier you may find in my patreon. The production has already been done and continues to take place (post production), by myself and my other half in this work, the great Alex Giannakakis (@alegi__), who has been putting tons of creative hours in this work, sometimes with passion, sometimes with love, sometimes with both, a few times a bit tired, but never losing faith! Thank you @alegi__ !

With your support, we'll be able to produce more of those. If you don't donate today, we'll keep producing, but maybe a bit more tired. Still, never losing faith!

Thank you all! Grace and gratitude~ ❤️✌️🙏




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About Labros Filippou

Countertenor vocals, music & performance live shows born in the here and now, acting & directing in cinema and theater, spoken word poetry, teaching workshops and mentoring artists all over the world, all under one umbrella: freedom of expression.
I grew up in a village and started creating late - my inspiration comes from the mountains, animals, raw tradition, folk culture, and real people.
You supporting me directly is the means for me to be able to keep creating art exactly as I want to. Any amount is deeply appreciated from the bottoms of my heart, as what you'll be giving me the opportunity to do is priceless. Labros Filippou
Give no more directions to artists, let them do it their way.
This is not about art, it's about freedom of expression.

As a Teacher, I'm not going to deal with how you do your art; I'm going to work with you, breaking the patterns and comfort zones that obstruct creation. 
Check out my tiers and goals and let me know if you'd like to customize your tier.
I offer classes, sound-baths, live performances, consulting on your project, curating and a few more things.
Ask me about anything related to my work - I'm always getting back to you.

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