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About lachswu

Hey! ❀◕ ‿ ◕❀

My name is Laura Marie, also known as "lauwi(bauwi)" or "lachswu".
I'm a freelance artist and I´m currently studying Game Art and 3D Animation in the third semester. In my free time I mostly draw and sometimes stream it on twitch. I mostly draw Twitch Chibis and little 2D Animations. But my dream is it to become a concept artist and to live from drawing. 

So thanks for everyone who wants to help and be a part of my little journey. 

Your support means a lot. Thank you! ♥
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I really wanna order some Custom Soft Enamel Pins with Cactus Designs ;w; but they're very expensive.. If we receive the goal I'll be able to order the first design and i'll definitely be able as a reward for you! 

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