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is creating Conversations About Sexuality
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About Laci Green

Who is u? 
I'm Laci Green. I talk about sexuality, relationships, and sex positivity.

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To connect away from the noise of social media! You'll get access to bonus blog posts, pics, and videos while enabling me to work on YouTube episodes more often. Also, tacos.* Given that most of my videos are being demonetized, your membership makes my videos possible.

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Once or twice a month, max. This Patreon campaign is on a per episode basis, and you can set a maximum contribution per month in your Patreon settings. New to Patreon? Here's more information!

welcome :0) 

*metaphorical tacos on tuesdays 🌮
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AHHHH THX FREN! At this level, I am able to sustainably post twice a month!
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