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I am a self-employed student who works in the information technology industry, and I wish to make YouTube videos and game development a more than possibly semi-reliant means of self-funding, so that creating YouTube content and developing games ends up adding more than a small portion of my funds available for each month. Even just so I can fend for myself, meals wise, would do a lot more for my wellbeing.

Become a patreon and you can help me create better content in the future as well as to likely help upgrade my recording equipment and more expectedly, see early builds of my game development projects.

My favorite games and thusly some influences in development are (this even includes minor or influences of varying degrees):
*Sonic the Hedgehog (my favorite video game series, it is my absolute favorite series and I adore the classic 2D games)
*The Legend of Zelda (I have a softspot for the Zelda games, as I've always loved both the 2D & 3D games and the series is also a major inspiration for my current gamedev project)
*Chrono Trigger (this is my favorite RPG by far and I consider it both a classic and one of the best games in existence)
*Shovel Knight (I genuinely look up to this game from a design standpoint, Shovel Knight does a lot of things right, especially for how to properly do a retro/old school game while upgrading many of the negative things oldschool games are infamous for, such as cheap/unfair deaths)
*Psychonauts (one of my favorite 3D platformers, it's pretty quirky and weird and has a lot in common as to why I adore EarthBound as well, thematics and style wise)
*Dark Cloud (A small PS2 RPG I am a fair bit fond of, as I grew up playing it as it sticks out in my mind a lot as for one of my more favorite somewhat-obscure titles)
*Many roguelikes, but Spelunky, Isaac, NecroDancer, Don't Starve and many more
*Various procedural/sandbox or dungeon-crawler games, including Delver, Minecraft, Terraria, and Starbound

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