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Hi, I’m Maeve and I’m a producer, writer, performer and theatremaker. I considered writing all of this in the third person like a bio someone had written about a famous person but, let’s be honest, I’m not famous. I do, however, coordinate, produce, create, whatever-you-call-it a bunch of shows and projects that people seem to enjoy.

What do I do?
  • I produce and host Queerstories, a national LGBTQI+ storytelling project, with regular events around the country, a book and podcast. Queerstories runs monthly Giant Dwarf in Sydney and at Melba Spiegeltent in Melbourne, and twice a year at Brisbane Powerhouse, and I do ad hoc regional events, generally supported with funds from this Patreon.
  • I produce and perform in Homage a live music 'spin off' of Queerstories.
  • I co-created and perform in Mother’s Ruin: A Cabaret about Gin, directed Anthea Williams and produced by MILKE (Aus) and Nicholas Clark Management (UK/US). Mother's Ruin has been performing sold out shows for three years, including a completely sold out Edinburgh Festival Fringe season, plus three UK tours, Sydney Festival, Sydney Opera House, London Underbelly Festival, Adelaide Cabaret Festival, Perth Fringe World, Adelaide Fringe, Darwin Festival, Brisbane Festival Melbourne Cabaret Festival, Festival of Voices and more. 
  • I perform a LOT with Libby Wood (and we take a heap of selfies), so you’ll see a lot of her here. She’s in Lady and Mother’s Ruin, but we also do gigs as a duo, Marsden&Wood, and in 2019 we launched Fat Musicals: A Body of Work  upon the world, a satirical take on musical theatre and body positivity. We'll be touring that one more in 2020, we hope!
  • I produce Lady Sings it Better, a feminist cabaret act that’s been touring about the place for 10 years now. We’ve made a bunch of videos and we perform heaps. The show features Libby Wood, Anna Martin, Annaliese Szota, Fiona Pearson, Lauren Allison and Hannah James. We won Best Cabaret at Sydney Fringe so other people think we’re good too.
  • I co-produce and perform in Jagged Little Singalong (the Alanis Morrisette tribute you never knew you needed) and Spice! A Singalong. I play Sporty Spice. It's ridiculous.
  • I made My Mother's Kitchen with Google Creative Labs in 2019, a cool interactive podcast exploring nostalgia, family, tradition and food culture through a queer lens (check it out on your phone here:
  • Oh and I do a bunch of ad hoc creative things, like hosting panels at talks and ideas festivals, writing, producing variety nights and arts events.
Over the years, I’ve collaborated on loads of creative endeavours, but always in pursuit of telling stories through music and humour, and always with a feminist, progressive and queer eye for the arts. We’ve won awards, gotten great reviews and had an amazing time.

All this has been possible because of other people’s energy, passion, generosity and willingness to experiment. Musicians, artists, photographers, hairdressers, designers, vocal directors and more have donated their time. Audiences have returned to see our shows time and again, providing much needed enthusiastic (and at times critical) feedback. I feel incredibly lucky and happy.

But – and this will come as no surprise to anyone who knows a working artist – money is always tough. At times, it’s prohibitive. Launching this Patreon has given me the opportunity to do so much more with my work and I am keen to build it so that I can make more stuff that people like!

I’ll be honest about what it costs to put these shows together, in the hope that some of you will become ‘patrons’ of my work. I’ll tell you my current financial situation, what I could achieve were I to have a growing monthly income for my company, and what I’ll give you in return for your hard-earned cash.

How things are now:
I produce as a sole trader with performers I contract taking a fee. This is to say, I am financially responsible for our exploits.
  • I used to rehearse in my lounge room but Patreon funds have allowed me to start hiring rehearsal space. 
  • A lot of my contractors (publicist, photographer, designer) work for reduced rates, but since launching Patreon I’ve been able to do some great professional photoshoots for our shows.
  • Libby has spent god knows how much money on props, kazoos and novelty hats, but Patreon money bought us new costumes for Mother’s Ruin and Lady Sings it Better.
  • The current income supports basic costs (insurance, web hosting etc), but it still doesn’t allow me to undertake larger projects like recording, making regular videos, extensive touring or industry standard fees for performers. 
How things could be:
With your patr(e)onage, I can make more work, take more risks, tour more, collaborate with more artists and support myself while I'm at it. Essentially, you'd see your venues filled with more comedy and cabaret and the artists you enjoy watching would be fairly compensated for their talents and work. And we could record more songs and make more videos.

What you’ll get:
Different pledge levels get different perks, which include recordings, podcast subscriptions, discount tickets, merchandise, personalised videos, performances and more. Oh, and if you tell me something you want, we’ll probably give it to you!

Patreon is a US site, so it works with US dollars. You'll be charged in US$ so an odd amount will come out of your account each month. I've set our pledges at approximate conversions of what we need in order to make our work happen. Contact me if anything is unclear.
106 of 200 patrons
With 200 patrons, I could increase performer fees for Queerstories, and I could supplement tour budgets allowing Lady Sings it Better to tour more.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 32 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 32 exclusive posts

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