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For one dollar a month, you get my sincere and boundless gratitude! As well as access to the newest strip here a week before it goes up on it's public site. You'll also get access to a trove of exclusive (and sometimes racy!) Lady's Man art, that will be added to regularly.
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For five dollars a month, you'll receive a jpg of each week's strip at the original size I work at (approx. 3300 pixels wide), without all those annoying and obstructive word balloons. Peruse the art in all it's glorious detail and nuance! You'll also be on the list to get an annual nowhere-else art print, released every March for as long as the strip runs.
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For ten dollars a month, you'll receive a monthly requested pencil sketch (single characters and simple situations) on a 4x5 white postcard. An original art fix delivered right to your door every four weeks!




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About Kevin J. Mulder

Heya! I'm Kevin J. Mulder, AKA Slickpuppy, and I'm looking for the opportunity to bring you my long-percolating webcomic  The Lady's Man on a regular basis. I'll also be offering exclusive LM art to my supporters. And I'll be looking towards the future, with the hopes of making merchandise and other benefits available.

The Lady's Man is a lighthearted space opera adventure strip with furry/anthro characters, occasionally dealing with mature themes. It centers around Ashel, a stoic young military man, exiled from his home planet, who becomes the manservant and bodyguard of Milady, a sexy, eccentric, larger-than-life noblewoman. She's going to drag him willy-nilly across space, teaching him how to enjoy life in high style. The fact that Her Ladyship is an agent of a secret conspiracy to halt the oncoming fall a galactic empire will only make this process more interesting. The fate of a galaxy is in their hands. But that's no reason they can't have a little fun!

This strip and it's characters have been with me a long time. They're the ultimate expression of my deep love for comics, animation, furry fandom, and old-school SF adventure. As a patron, you'll be helping me put that love out there to share with folks, helping me to produce regular comic strips, and tell a story that I hope will engage and amuse a wide audience.

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