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$2 gets you ad-free episodes every week! They will drop every Wednesday at the same time as the regular episode, but for two bucks a month you get to stop feeling bad for never using any of our discount codes!

"TWO DOLLARS" - The paperboy from Better Off Dead. 

Lady Friend
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Five dollars gets you a bonus episode with all three ladies every month PLUS, New Ad-free episodes. You'll also get access to the first 100 Lady to Lady podcast episodes - did you know we used to feature characters on every episode? Want to listen to the time we adopted an adult baby for $2 and a Tecate? Well it's certainly in there somewhere.

Lady Family
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Get access to our Top Secret Session, an exclusive weekly segment in which we get into our own personal Lady Problems, or whatever else we’ve deemed unfit for the regular feed. It's mostly people committing crimes. (Just kidding ... FBI...)

You'll also get discount codes for merch, and an exclusive invite to our NEW live-stream events happening on Patreon! (First one is May 8th!)

This is all on top of our monthly bonus episode, ad-free episodes, and access to the first 100 Lady to Lady episodes, 



Hey Lady to Lady fans!

Since 2012, we’ve been working hard to be the best buds your ears can hear. We’ve helped you ask for promotions, laugh through hard times, and, of course, DUMP HIM. Now we’re asking you to help us make Lady to Lady our full-time jobs.

The show will always remain free. But extra financial support means we'll have the ability to create more stuff, book the ladies you’re dying to hear us hang with, and take the live show on the road — so we can thank each of you in person for listening. As little as a buck a month goes a long way to making our lady dreams come lady true.

We love you L2L fam, thanks for supporting your girls.

-Barbara, Brandie & Tess

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